postheadericonBrushing up with Online Pokie’s Lingo

Some people may not be that familiar with online pokies. Well, mainly because they did not know that pokie is another term for slot, ergo, a pokie machine is the same as a slot machine. There are even new players who are already playing the game, which they probably heard about from friends, but didn’t know the other terms constantly encountered when playing the game. And because some of the terms are not clearly understood, the pokie player is not able to maximize his game play.

In order to play the pokie game on some high playing level, it’s time that the terms are clearly defined and understood.

Paylines – refer to the rows of symbols seen on the pokie game screen, indicating the amount you can possibly win if the symbols land on specific combinations and on specific rows or lines. Every casino site should have this information for every pokie game.
Paytable – this contains information about the payouts or winnings, free spins, bonus features and loyalty awards. Checking this table before starting any game will allow the player to mentally calculate potention earnings in case of a winning spin.
Wilds – these are symbols designated by the pokie machine to have equivalent value which will add up to your winnings. Players keep their eyes on these wild symbols in order to win some big amounts.
Symbols – these are the images or icons displayed across the reels with every spin made. Each symbol has assigned specific values or corresponding amount. They can also represent extra or special features which could be triggered during the game.
Scatter – this is a symbol that can trigger a bonus feature. Every game has a unique scatter symbol and knowing the game’s scatter symbol could boost your winning chances. Most of the time, scatter symbols should come in three’s in order to trigger to another generous bonus round.

These are the most important terms an online pokie player needs to be very familiar with. This will allow the pokie player to enjoy the game more because he understood what possible outcomes he can expect with his spins.

postheadericonThe Easy Way to Pay and Play!

When online gambling was introduced to the gaming world, the issue on payment facilities was a big concern especially for online players. At that time, only credit cards were accepted for online gaming transactions. And the problem took another blow when American and European banks refused to accept transactions from casino or gambling sites. That made the casino sites scrambling for other payment methods that would facilitate and accept their transactions.

Fortunately, the world never runs out of creative and business-minded people who responded to the call for easier online transactions for the casino sites and the players. This brought about the emergence of more secured and safe payment facilities to cater to the needs of online casino sites. Check out some of these online deposit facilities and choose one which gives you the highest security.

This payment method allows fast and easy transfer, deposit or withdrawal of money to or from casino sites using this payment platform. It can be accessed 24/7 from any part of the world.
Click 2 Pay
This serves as a web wallet where the account is pre-funded. The funds in the account will be used to purchase credits from the casino sites. Its fast and easy service makes it a highly preferred payment method for online gaming transactions.
This is the oldest electronic wallet with free membership. A debit card is issued to the player who avails this payment method at no cost.
American Express
Considered as a global payment facility accepted in almost all countries around the world, most casino sites use this for their transactions.
Citadel Commerce
This is a payment processor which provides the facilities for withdrawals and deposits in various ways including the convenient ATM.
This payment facility only needs an account with an email address to be used for online transactions. Sending and receiving money as well as purchase of credits may be made via the internet or mobile phone.

With the increasing popularity of online pokies along with the other online casino games, there will be more enterprising and business-minded individuals who would come up with better and improved payment facilities for easy to pay and play online gaming transactions.